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Digital communication with legal security

SEFOS is a simple plug-in for Outlook 365 and Teams that uses the latest technology to help you securely manage your daily business communication. 

SEFOS ensures that senders and recipients are authenticated and protects all emails from all unauthorized access. 

SEFOS is easy to use and ensures that you comply with the regulations that limit how you may send personal and other sensitive information. 

With SEFOS you can send secure information globally to any recipients regardless of email client or device.

Easy, Safe and Efficient

With SEFOS sending secure messages is as easy as sending a regular email message.  All information, including attachments that are communicated with SEFOS, is protected with strong encryption all the way to the recipient.

External recipients respond to link messages

SEFOS not only makes it possible to send messages to recipients outside the service, the external recipient can also reply to these link messages. 

Personal information or other sensitive information is easily sent directly to identified recipients who in turn can respond to the message in the same secure way as it was received.

Send an encrypted email to anyone

SEFOS allows you to encrypt the information in a simple way and address both registered and external recipients. Let the recipient identify themselves with Mobile BankID, Freja e-ID, SITHS, SMS or email.  As soon as the recipient has identified themselves, the encrypted information can be opened. 

Strong Authentication

SEFOS is today adapted to be able to handle different types of authentication methods. Everything from simple verifications via email, SMS and password to high levels of multi-factor authentication.

SEFOS can be integrated with virtually any PKI-based login method.

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Product Features

Safe in our hands.

Trusted Business Solutions care passionately about the safety and security of your personal data. It's time now to act and protect it from prying eyes and internet thieves.


We live in an age where most of our personal and professional lives are managed online.

In the digital world we do our banking, shopping, music purchases, bill paying, social planning and even more today, large aspects of our work.

This increased dependence on the internet and digital networks comes with many risks in addition to many benefits.

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